Selection of Studies

Choosing an educational institution or program of study can be a difficult task. Information on the wide range of programs and the various levels of study available are quite extensive and may be difficult to understand. At Studia Canada we want to facilitate this work. Therefore, we have classified the main areas and levels of study offered in Quebec.

Areas of studies

  • Languages
  • Administration, commerce and informatics
  • Food and tourism
  • Arts
  • Building and Construction
  • Communications and documentation
  • Textile and Fashion
  • Beauty care
  • Health
  • Social and educational services

Levels of Study

1 –DEC – Diplome d’études collégiales

The Diploma of Collegiate Studies (DEC) is a post-secondary degree. We have two (2) types of DEC programs: pre-university and vocational.
• Pre-university DECs qualify you to enter a university education (undergraduate) program. DECs have duration of 2 years.
• Vocational DECs train you in areas of technical specialization to allow you to enter the labor market, and last for 3 years.

2 –DEP – Diplome d’études professionnelles

The Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP) is a secondary school diploma. Its purpose is to qualify you for specialized occupations.
( ie Cooking). A (DEP) will offer you the following advantages:
• You can work during your studies (with certain limitations).
• They usually last between 6 months and 2 years (600-1800 hours of study).
• DEP programs are developed by the Ministry of Education of the Province of Quebec.

3 – ASP – Attestation de spécialisation professionnelle

The Certificate of Professional Specialization (ASP) is a short specialized training program for holders of a DEP. The ASP allows you to:
• To expand the knowledge acquired during the DEP studies in a related area or specialization.
• Studies leading to ASP typically last 3 to 8 months (300 to 900 hours of study).

4 – AEC – Attestation d’études collégiales

The Certificate of Collegial Studies (AEC) is a post-secondary qualification of a professional qualification. Unlike the DEC programs, the ACS is a program developed by the colleges that offer them. The offer of specialties is very diverse and original (for example, fashion design). These are continuing educational programs aimed for adults, the duration is usually 2 years.

5 –University

The university studies in Quebec are divided into 3 cycles:
• The 1st cycle diploma, known as “baccalauréat” – bachelor, is an undergraduate study program. The average duration for completion of this program is 3 to 4 years.
• The 2nd cycle can lead to a Diploma of Specialized Higher Education (DESS) or a Master’s Degree. The duration for a Masters diploma is usually 1 year.
• The 3rd cycle is the doctorate or PhD.

Once you have chosen your studies/program, Studia Canada will help you to meet the registration requirements, obtain your admission to the institution, and process your immigration documents. Studia Canada accompanies you throughout the process:

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