Do you want to study in Quebec?

The province of Quebec is your ideal destination for study. Each year, thousands of students come to Montreal. They are attracted by the worldwide prestige of its educational institutions, the wide range of study programs, cultural diversity, French – English bilingualism, and an atmosphere of fun and friendship in the city.

Studying in Quebec is a unique experience. Especially since Montreal is rated one of the top 10 student cities in the world! However, the enrollment process can be complex, because of the wide offering of educational programs, types of diplomas, and different levels of study. In addition, acceptance criteria are not always the same for each educational institution.
Surely you have questions like these:

Which institution is best for me?
What level of study is best for me?
How do I contact the school if I do not speak English or French?
Do I need a study permit?
Why do I need to get a study visa?
What is the CAQ and how is it handled?
Can I work while I study?
Can I come to Quebec with my partner/spouse and my children?

At Studia Canada we help you successfully carry out your study project:

▪ We analyze the curriculum details ;( DEC, DEP, AEC or university) according to your plans and interests.
▪ We take care of your enrollment in the educational institution.
▪ Through our alliance with a renowned law firm, we facilitate immigration procedures.
▪ We help guide you so that your arrival is easy and exciting.


Consult with your Studia Canada consultant. We help you choose the institution and program that best fits your goals and budget.

Would you like to study in Montreal?

We advise you and guide you in choosing your study project.